The Outer Worlds PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Are you a fan of Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds at all? No problem, because as previously reported, a native PS5 edition of the role-playing release has been rated. And if you were still sceptical of the updated re-release, subtitled Spacer’s Choice Edition, here’s its freakin’ box art to prove it:

Obviously, the distribution and publishing rights to the original instalment remain with Private Division, as they pre-date Microsoft’s acquisition of the developer. That’s why the game is getting ported to Sony’s new-gen console, but its sequel won’t see release on the system. Still, at least you’ll be getting a little The Outer Worlds love on PlayStation’s latest behemoth box, eh?

Expect this to be officially announced imminently – it’s not like it’s a secret anymore, after all.