The Callisto Protocol Japan

Fast-approaching PS5 and PS4 horror title The Callisto Protocol has called off its release in Japan just over a month from launch. The announcement comes via the title's official Japanese Twitter account, which states that the game has been refused classification by the country's CERO rating system.

In order to be released in Japan, developer Striking Distance Studios would have to tone down the title's violence so that it falls in line with the nation's rather strict stance on graphic imagery. However, the team isn't willing to censor what can be an incredibly gory experience.

"The Callisto Protocol has decided to stop the release of the Japanese version," reads the aforementioned statement. "As of now, the CERO rating cannot be passed. We have decided that we would no longer be able to provide the experience players expect. We hope everyone in Japan will understand. If you have already pre-ordered, you will be refunded."

It's a gut punch for Japanese players who were looking forward to the game — but this is sadly nothing new for the Japanese market. Many mature-rated titles have been censored in Japan over the years in order to ensure a release. Things like violent cutscenes or specific kill animations can be changed or cut entirely, while details like blood effects might be noticeably reduced.

What do you make of this decision to simply not release The Callisto Protocol in Japan? Stick to your guns in the comments section below.

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