Tactics Ogre Reborn Gameplay Updates Improvements

Being a remaster of a classic strategy RPG, Tactics Ogre: Reborn could have easily just left everything as it once was. But Square Enix seems eager to improve on the original version, and has listed loads of adjustments that it's made to Reborn's gameplay systems. A lot of it is quality of life stuff — the kind of things that would seem awkward or poorly aged here in 2022 — but there are some genuinely thoughtful tweaks in here as well.

For the sake of brevity, we've gathered what we think are the key info nuggets from the official press release, and crushed them down into bullet point form below.

  • Streamlined equipment requirements: In the original, there were requirements for using equipment such as weapons and armor, consumables such as HP recovery items, and magic. In Reborn, you can equip and use anything as soon as you find it. However, there are still certain class restrictions for equipment and magic.
  • New skills: Reborn adds new skills, and retunes the effects of others to further broaden the range of possible strategies, while maintaining the unique feel of each class.
  • Reworked abilities: In the original, finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances required the accumulation and use of Technical Points (TP) and sometimes certain reagents as well. Now all these abilities simply require Magic Points (MP), just like magic.
  • New item: Charms are new items introduced to give you more control over the development of your units’ stats. You can use charms on the party formation screen to improve and alter your units. Charms can be found during battle, and after battle as a reward.
  • New scouting option: By selecting Scout on the battle party screen, you can gain insight into the terrain and enemy forces (location, level, class, equipment, etc.).
  • Battle parties: You can now save up to five different battle parties, and select them before combat.
  • New buff cards: During battle, items called buff cards appear on the battlefield. When a unit picks up a buff card it gains bonuses that last for the rest of the battle, such as increased attack power or critical chance.
  • Better enemy AI: The enemy considers the terrain, recognizing features such as narrow roads and wide, open plains, as well as the player’s movement, using this information to decide where the battlefront is and choose the best point to engage the player.
  • New battle objectives: In addition to the normal battle victory conditions, each battle also has a new bonus objective. Players will be presented with a goal such as “win with a knight in the battle party” or “obtain a buff card,” and if they complete the objective, they will receive items such as charms and equipment to strengthen their forces.
  • Better ally AI: If you want to let the computer control your units, you have four different AI settings to choose from: Fierce Attacker, Stalwart Defender, Distant Striker, and Ardent Mender.
  • New trajectory prediction system: When firing weapons like bows and crossbows, or casting spells that launch a projectile—such as Deadshot—you can display trajectory prediction to make sure that the attacker can hit the target without misfiring on their own troops.
  • Ability to revive fallen units: When enemy attacks reduce a unit’s HP to zero, it is “Incapacitated.” A countdown is displayed above the Incapacitated unit, and the unit can be revived with consumables or magic before the countdown reaches 0.
  • Training battles replace random encounters: The random encounters that occurred when moving on the world map have been removed. Instead, you can now engage in training battles at specific locations whenever you like. Units cannot be killed in training battles.
  • Crafting success rate is now always 100%.
  • Many specific balance adjustments.

It's nice to see a developer go the extra mile with a remaster project, isn't it? Tactics Ogre: Reborn is still set to release on the 11th November for PS5 and PS4, but will you be picking it up? Gather your forces in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]