Final Fight Street Fighter 6 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

So, you’re on an epic losing streak and you’re about to karate chop your expensive Hori arcade stick like a stack of bricks! Well, there’s no need to rage quit Street Fighter 6 entirely – just find something else to do. One of the neat features of its sandbox Battle Hub arena is that you can seek out different arcade cabinets, and lingering at the back is a kind of retro corner, with the entirety of beat-‘em-up Final Fight available to play.

In fact, these retro games will rotate: we noticed 90s hack-and-slash Magic Sword also available during the beta weekend. You can choose to play through the entirety of the arcade games on freeplay, or you can compete against others on the online leaderboards with a single credit. There’s a neat CRT filter on the gameplay to complete the retro illusion, and of course you can get back to your usual Street Fighter 6 session once you’re done.

It’s no major surprise to see these classics included. The two Capcom Arcade Stadium titles run in RE Engine, the same technology that’s powering the brawler, so they probably weren’t too challenging to port. But it helps demonstrate just how much TLC the publisher is investing into this sequel: these retro classics don’t need to be included, but we appreciate them being there all the same.