While the majority of Sonic's traversal abilities are intact in Sonic Frontiers, the open zone game equips him with an all-new suite of combat manoeuvres. With a bigger emphasis on fighting dangerous enemies, SEGA has released a new video that goes over some of his extra moves you'll unlock in the skill tree.

It's mostly self-explanatory, and the combat itself looks relatively simple, but this is pretty new territory for the series. We've seen most of the special moves highlighted here in other gameplay videos, though it's nice to hear a little more about them. A combo meter builds towards an ability called Phantom Rush, which sees Sonic unleash a flurry of high speed hits. Sonic Boom is a series of long-range shockwaves that deal damage in a short burst. Another move is Wild Rush, which is a zig-zagging attack that ends with a big impact. The Cyloop ability is pretty well documented, but it's worth noting that it's very useful in combat. Encircling an enemy will disarm them, or disable their shield, letting you get some hits in.

Enemies will drop Skill Pieces when defeated, and these go towards unlocking the above moves. You'll also need to look out for red and blue seeds, which will increase Sonic's attack and defence respectively.

What do you think of Sonic Frontiers' combat? Are you excited to play on 8th November? Run rings around us in the comments section below.

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