Here’s a heart-warming story to kickstart your Friday: a proud father has awarded a letter of congratulations, alongside a real-world PlayStation trophy, to a six-year-old who managed to complete Astro’s Playroom on PS5, presented from the perspective of the platform holder. The child in question had been struggling with the final boss fight, which features the PS1’s infamous T-Rex tech demo, for quite some time.

However, upon overcoming the feat – which had left her in tears on occasion – her Dad acknowledged the achievement with a personal note, which he pretended was signed by Sony. “We saw how hard you worked to master this incredibly difficult boss that is the T-Rex,” he said. “To honour this incredible victory, we are choosing to reward you with this Golden PlayStation Commemorative trophy. Let this serve as a reminder that hard work, persistence, and resilience will always propel you to greatness in life!”

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Well done to the little girl for overcoming the boss, and beginning her PlayStation journey proper. She’ll be waltzing through Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time next…

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