Konami completely cocked up today’s Silent Hill Transmission, publishing the video prior to its intended time – and not even premiering it properly. Nevertheless, we got a lot of announcements during the livestream, with one of the most curious being Silent Hill Ascension. It’s unclear, exactly, what this is – although it’s billed as a live experience that will blend “streaming show and a video game”.

The likes of Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive are involved, and it’s all being spearheaded by tech from Genvid, who has worked on similar projects for Facebook, like The Walking Dead: Last Mile. To be 100 per cent honest, we’re not entirely sure what to expect here, but our guess is some kind of Twitch-based experience where the audience has a say in the outcome of certain events. We’re not entirely convinced this will even come to PlayStation.

Alas, until further details are revealed, that’s all we’ve got for now. You can check out the title’s website through here, but there’s not a whole lot of clarification really.

[source ascension.com]