As was teased back in August, Black Adam is the latest character joining MultiVersus. The game isn't short of DC superheroes, but what's one more? Coinciding with the Dwayne Johnson movie, the anti-hero will be appearing in the game following the next major update.

That's scheduled for later this week, so it'll all be kicking off pretty soon. In addition to the new fighter, developer Player First Games has also confirmed Arcade Mode will be introduced with this update. We'll soon have a new character and a new mode to play, which is a very nice refresh.

The patch notes have yet to be revealed, but we imagine the update will also make continued balance tweaks to try and level the playing field. Player sentiment seems to indicate Stripe — the last character to join the fun — is currently overpowered, so we presume he'll be getting some nerfs.

Are you excited to play as Black Adam in MultiVersus? Watch out for lightning in the comments section below.