Romancelvania is a darkly comedic genre mashup of traditional Metroidvania style gameplay with dating sim elements, in which you, as Dracula, star in a reality dating show full of decidedly supernatural contestants.

The story is full of weaving narrative options, leaving players free to seduce succubi or walk out on hunky wolfmen. The moment-to-moment gameplay looks solid, too, with tough boss encounters to overcome and a variety of weapons to wield. Romancelvania started as a Kickstarter project developed by The Deep End Games, a studio with creative talent that worked on the original Bioshock, so perhaps this shouldn't surprise us.

Romancelvania doesn't yet have a firm release date but is supposed to launch into the madness that is Early 2023, on PS5. We will be keen to see more of this particularly beguiling beauty in the coming months, let us know what you think in the comments section below.