Need for Speed Unbound PS5

The new Need for Speed game is cool – but its official Twitter account is trying to be cooler. Rather than settle for standard, clinical public relations, EA has perhaps cottoned on to the modern style of corporate social media: embrace the memes and don’t give a sh*t! That’s why the game’s community manager is basically beefing with everyone right now. And it’s obviously working, because here we are writing about Need for Speed Unbound for the umpteenth time in under a week.

So, what’s going on, then? Well, there’s been some criticism of the type of language the account’s been using, which has led to some open roasts and deleted Tweets. One user pondered: “Why are you beefing with random people on the official Need for Speed account? This is highly unprofessional. I'm sure whoever controls this account has a personal account, use that.”

To which Need for Speed’s community manager replied:

Judging by the way the past week has gone, we expect more back-and-forth between fans and the franchise’s official Twitter account as Unbound races closer to its 2nd December, 2022 release on PS5. Personally, we’ll be spending the next couple of months browsing the Urban Dictionary to prepare ourselves for the game – we’ve a sneaking suspicion it’ll be time well spent.