Hardcore PC players sure do seem to have a sense of humour, that's for sure. With Sony bringing some of its first-party PlayStation games to Steam and Epic Games Store, it opens up the doors to the wild world of modding. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered appears to be a popular target; not long ago, a mod was released that turns the game first-person, which is both brilliant and a real test of your constitution. Now, another modder has taken things in a slightly different direction.

A user by the name of Princec23 is responsible for what you see in the above video. Yes, you can now play as IGN's 5/10 review score for the recent superhero action title, Gotham Knights. Sporting the game's logo on one side and a big fat number 5 on the other, it's dumb, but also kind of funny. If you've ever fancied playing as a bright red hexagon instead of Peter Parker, your strange tastes have finally been accounted for. We bet there are those out there who'd genuinely prefer this over the character's controversial face change.

IGN wasn't the only outlet with a lukewarm reception to the ensemble superhero game, but we rather liked it in our 7/10 review. Even so,

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