WipEout PS1 PlayStation Logo 1

Font nerds of the world unite: we’ve got a piece of trivia here that will have your Times New Roman twitching! Did you know that WipEout’s iconic PS1 logo was made up of a bunch of 8s, all aligned differently and cut out to spell the name? Don’t believe us, well here’s the irrefutable proof:

It’s such a simple design when you see it presented like this, but it makes for one of the most cohesive, futuristic game logos in the history of the medium. For those curious, the Eurostile font, upon which the WipEout logo is based, was designed in 1962 by an Italian typeface designer named Aldo Novarese. The more you know, eh?

Obviously, the WipEout logo has evolved over the years, and no longer retains the same shapely style, but elements of the original, like the rounded capital E, remain. Still, it’s really mind-blowing how great graphic designers are able to take such simple concepts and transform them into such recognisable and eye-catching pieces of art.

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