PS1 classic Glover is making a comeback by way of PS5, PS4 versions released by QUByte. No release date has been shared just yet, but the title will be part of the QUByte Classics line the company has been doing recently. The titles are generally priced between £3.99/$4.49 and £6.49/$7.99, so expect Glover to cost roughly the same. Watch the trailer above to see the classic in action.

Since this is being put out on the PS Store as a game you can simply buy, it won't be launching under the PS Plus Premium program. This certainly appears to be the original PS1 classic in all its glory, though, so look forward to controlling that ball with a glove all over again.

Alongside Glover, older titles like Stone Protectors, Legend of Wukong, and Brave Battle Saga: The Legend of the Magic Warrior will also be treated to PS5, PS4 versions. Will you be buying any of them? Let us know in the comments below.