PlayStation Discord

The long-awaited integration of the popular VoIP and instant messaging social platform Discord with our own beloved PlayStation is reportedly coming in March 2023, and to be more precise, on the 8th. That's according to sources familiar with the subject, who spoke to industry insider Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming.

Henderson's sources provided the clarification following an update to the Discord mobile app last week, which showed PS5 and PS4 functionality. Apparently, voice chat will only be available on PS5, with PS4 users only being able to display the name of the game they are playing. Discord could present the solution to cross-platform play's greatest issue, that of voice chat between competing systems.

It is believed that the integration will arrive as a part of PlayStation 5's v7.00 version update. Obviously, these things can change, as we have been expecting Discord integration to be added for some time now.

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