Persona 3 Persona 4 PS4 Release Date

Atlus has confirmed that the PS4 ports of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will release on the same date. Both games arrive on the 19th January, 2023 — which is honestly earlier than we expected.

Dropping two huge RPGs on the same day may seem like overkill, but at least fans won't have to wait between releases. We don't yet know how much these ports will cost, however. The PC version of Persona 4 Golden is priced at £19.99 / $24.99 on Steam, so here's hoping that Atlus doesn't screw us console players!

Persona 3 and Persona 4 are widely considered to be two of the greatest Japanese RPGs of modern times — although they never had the same kind of success that Persona 5 has enjoyed. Both Portable and Golden were locked to Sony's handhelds — the PSP and Vita respectively — so it'll be interesting to see how popular they are on PS4.

Will you be going on a Persona spree in January 2023? Summon your other self in the comments section below.