Licensed anime games are no strangers to plot points that lean heavily into the source material, but with One Piece Odyssey sporting its own original story, it's perhaps a surprise to hear that it'll also be delving into Luffy and his crew's past.

The upcoming RPG primarily takes place on an entirely new island named Waford, but the Straw Hats will have to explore memories of their prior adventures in order to reclaim their abilities. The press release reads: "The Straw Hats visit their own memories to recover their powers with the help of Lim’s strange powers." Lim being an original character created for the game.

It could be a fairly interesting twist on your standard RPG formula, in which party members start out weak but eventually grow strong over the course of their escapades. Obviously, the Straw Hats are already powerful pirates by the time this game takes place, so these 'memories' are presumably a way to sell a sense of progression.

Anyway, you can take a trip back to the desert kingdom of Alabasta in the title's new trailer. One Piece Odyssey continues to show promise, and its release isn't too far off. It arrives on both PS5 and PS4 on the 13th January, 2023.

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