One thing that's nice about Marvel's Midnight Suns is it isn't relying solely on the most established superheroes in its catalogue. The likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America are in the mix, for sure, but we're somewhat more interested in the lesser known characters. One such example is Nico, who's the focus of this latest gameplay video.

Nico Minoru is a sorceress who leads a small group of other super-powered youngsters. She wields the Staff of One, which emerges from her chest when she bleeds. A notable quirk of Nico's magic is that it often will have random effects, and this characterisation is woven into her moveset in Midnight Suns.

Many of her cards will sport the Roulette modifier. This means her cards will have an additional element that changes the move's outcome once you play it. For example, Swarm is a simple damage-dealing card, but the Roulette effect means it could deal up to 200 per cent damage. These random aspects make Nico a somewhat unpredictable ally on the battlefield, but she's shown to be very powerful too.

Will Nico be part of your team in Marvel's Midnight Suns? Are you pleased to see her in the roster? Conjure your thoughts in the comments section below.