Tales of Arise PS5 PS4

PS Store sales are still important if you're not subscribed to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium, so Wednesday marks a big day for bargain hunters. The latest set of promotions puts almost 2,000 PS5, PS4 games on sale, along with a lot of DLC. These deals will be available until 18th November 2022, so let's highlight some of the best PS5, PS4 discounts.

Tales of Arise has dropped to its lowest-ever digital price of £19.99/$23.99, Scarlet Nexus is also at an all-time low of £12.49/$19.79, and Lost Judgment once again drops to £22.49/$26.99. Trails of Cold Steel IV is cheaper than ever at £19.99/$23.99 while Dying Light 2 is yours for £32.99/$35.99. Another offer worth highlighting is ANNO: Mutationem for £10.79/$14.99.

Have you spotted any other noteworthy deals? The complete list of every PS5, PS4 game included in the new PS Store sale can be viewed on PS Prices for now. Have a browse and then post some of the other highlights in the comments below.

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