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Image: McDonald's Australia

Blizzard has partnered with McDonald's for an Overwatch 2 promotion, and customers can get an exclusive Epic Tracer skin when ordering one of three eligible meals via the McDonald's app. Currently, this promotion is only available in Australia, and there is no indication if or when it might run in other regions.

The cosmetic in question is called the Tracer Lightning skin, and customers that purchase a Big Mac, McChicken, or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets combo via the MyMacca's App throughout the rest of October will be eligible to receive a code. Talk about a bloody good bargain!

Is it the best skin in the world? Not really, but it's a pretty good excuse to head on down to Macca's and pick up a feed, as if you needed one. What do you think of this seemingly exclusive Australian Overwatch 2 skin? Go flat out like a lizard drinking in the comments section below (we're sorry, we couldn't resist).

[source mcdonalds.com.au, via twitter.com]