A brand new adventure, Sonic Frontiers, is right around the corner, but SEGA knows the hedgehog's fans are most fond of the older games. The publisher is leaning into that nostalgia with a nice nod to Sonic Adventure 2, though you'll need to hand over your email address if you want it.

As advertised on Twitter today, fans can claim a special DLC item, letting you give the blue blur a pair of shoes inspired by the Dreamcast favourite:

If you want the hedgehog sporting these retro-style sneakers, you'll need to first sign up to the Sonic Frontiers newsletter, inputting your email address to receive regular updates on the game. You can do so via the game's official site. When you do this, you'll be sent a free code for the SA2 shoes when the open zone platformer launches on 8th November.

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It's a nice little throwback that we're sure fans will appreciate. Will you be signing up to grab these shoes for your Sonic Frontiers playthrough? Grind down to the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via frontiers.sonicthehedgehog.com]