Modern Warfare 2 PS5 PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is already a massive download on PS5 and PS4, and choosing the physical route to try to get around any updates won't work either. It's been revealed just 72.23MB of data is on the Modern Warfare 2 disc itself, meaning it's essentially useless on its own and requires you to download the full 150GB to start playing.

Spotted by the Twitter account Does It Play?, it's a worrying sign for those still committed to buying boxed copies of games. What we have here is pretty much a digital copy of Modern Warfare 2, except you need to put a disc in the machine to verify you own it every time.

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The huge download requirement will almost certainly stop many players in their tracks, rendering them unable to play on launch day since they need the other 150GB to go with their measly 72.23MB-sized disc. Are you one of those people? Share your disappointment in the comments below.