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IO Interactive is taking its time buttoning up the “next evolution” of Hitman 3, and that means the threequel’s anticipated Freelancer mode has been pushed back until 26th January, 2023. Originally due out earlier this year, the feature will be available as a free update for all owners of Agent 47’s latest outing.

The mode – which will be receiving a Closed Technical Test on Steam in November – will see you jetting off from a customisable safehouse, fulfilling unique objectives in the series’ familiar locations. You’ll need to determine which items you take with you, and be careful not to leave important equipment behind.

“The Closed Technical Test is all about putting our servers under stress to prepare for launch,” the Danish developer said. “We also want to get an early idea of player behaviour and do some economy and XP balancing in a real-life scenario on a big scale. These are the final checkboxes we need to tick off before we launch.”

IO Interactive admitted that, despite being a free update, the scale of the mode has grown significantly since it was announced earlier in the year: “We've decided to push beyond our original scope for launch and include almost all locations from the World of Assassination from day one. We're continuing to work on making the launch experience as frictionless as possible for all players.”

[source ioi.dk]