Secret messages have been found in the Silent Hill: Townfall announcement trailer that reference Alessa from the first game, and also share mysterious phrases and SOS codes. After converting the trailer's audio into an MP3 file, Reddit user MilkManEX found the following phrase in the spectogram: "Whatever heart this town had has now stopped".

As well as an SOS message in morse code, references to Alessa have been discovered in the trailer. Featured in the original PS1 title, she is the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, who is part of a cult known as the Order. The seed of a "god" is inside Alessa, which the cult tries to birth in the first title. This is what gives the town of Silent Hill its power.

More official news is expected to be shared next year, so these hidden messages and the announcement trailer are all we have to work with until then. From developer No Code, it's clear the story will be a focal point of Silent Hill: Townfall off the back of its previous games Stories Untold and Observation. Other recently revealed Silent Hill games include the Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill F.

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