Gotham Knights PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

Gotham Knights’ Trophy list has emerged ahead of the game’s release later in the month, and while it looks achievable – well, expect to be spending a lot of time on the titular city’s drizzly streets. You’ll unlock a chunk of gongs simply for playing through the campaign, but there are several collectibles to locate, including Bruce Wayne audio recordings, lost Batarangs, and missing pages from the mythical Historia Strigidae.

The game will also task you with preventing 250 crimes in order to unlock that all-important, prestigious Platinum. As a co-op focused live service game, it makes sense that the Trophies are designed to keep you in Gotham City for as long as possible – and while there doesn’t appear to be anything too difficult here, we suspect it’ll take quite a bit of time to complete. Still, we like the sound of those Batcycle time trials!

Assuming the game doesn’t get too repetitive, this could be a fun set of Trophies to complete.