Elden Ring is many things, an incredible action RPG, FromSoftware's magnum opus, and a source of frustration for those unused to its particular morays. It also has a killer soundtrack, one that is getting the jazz treatment in a special concert in December... but only in the US, tragically.

Entitled Elden Ring: A Night in the Lands Between, the event will be a collaboration between Bandai Namco and jazz musicians Kenny Garrett and Takuya Kuroda. It promises fans a night of "recognisable melodies from the game's soundtrack... performed live in Jazz format - with improvisation."

A Night in the Lands Between is scheduled to take place on 3rd December, at Hollywood's Bourbon Room in LA, with two performances, one at 6 pm and another at 10 pm PT. There is a live streaming option, although sadly, it appears to only be available in the US. Boo!

Attending the event in person will cost you anywhere between $75 and $200, depending on the seats and the goodies that come with it. You can find all the details on the event website.

What do you think of A Night in the Lands Between? Would you be interested in an Elden Ring jazz concert? Lay down a sultry track in the comments section below.

[source eldenringlive.com, via youtu.be]