Very few people are talking about cosmic horror The Chant, which is coming to PS5 on 3rd November. But considering the surge in interest around spooky games, we’re a little surprised. While this four minute gameplay demo is clearly very scrappy, it’s got some interesting ideas which will hopefully help it to stand out among genre fans.

For example, there’s a three-pronged “wellness” system, which determines your mind, body, and spirit. Effectively, based on the actions you make, this will alter the outcome of the plot. You’re also able to use witchcraft – and later supernatural abilities – to combat the cosmic foes that you’ll encounter.

Clearly, in terms of production values, this is a step below your typical AAA title. But with an engaging mix of puzzles, plot, and combat, we reckon it could be a sleeper hit. We’re certainly intrigued by the creepy cult backdrop and many of the gameplay elements on display. Will you be adding this to your wishlist at all?