New ideas are hard to come by, but Two Star Games has arrived at a truly bizarre one. Its upcoming game is Choo-Choo Charles, an open world horror game in which you're being hunted by the titular train, which also happens to have a terrifying clown face and spider legs. It is ridiculous and we're here for it.

It's launching on Steam this December, but what about PlayStation? As it turns out, a console release is indeed planned. The developer confirmed as much over on Twitter:

As you can see in the above trailer, you have your own train, which can travel around the map and is your best defence against Choo-Choo Charles. It's not only much faster than running away on-foot, it has a back-mounted gun you can use to chip away at Charles when he gives chase. Elsewhere, you can upgrade your train's stats, explore various locations, meet NPCs, and unravel the mystery behind the unsettling monster train roaming the land.

It looks utterly mad, and we can't wait to check it out ourselves when it comes to consoles in 2023. What do you think of Choo-Choo Charles? All aboard in the comments section below.