Chivalry 2's latest update is here, introducing a swathe of new content to the large-scale medieval multiplayer game, and we got a gory new trailer to celebrate. Like previous updates from developer Torn Banner Studios, it is completely free and live now on both PS5 and PS4.

Reinforced introduces the new Hippodrome map and adds Katars, fearsome dual-wielded fist weapons, for some up-close-and-personal murder and mayhem, and changes to the Highland Sword, which was deemed to be just a teensy bit OP. Various changes have been made to other maps, with an entire playlist being dedicated to mounted warfare. In addition, there is an entire kingdom's worth of fixes, tweaks and quality of live improvements too exhaustive to go through here but are detailed in full in the update's patch notes.

Are you a seasoned veteran of Chivalry 2's blood-soaked battlefields? If you are a lapsed player, does this infusion of new content tempt you to take up your blade once more? Prepare for battle in the comments section below.