You can’t beat a bit of video game virtual tourism, can you? And Call of Duty, for all the criticism it gets, has been particularly good at it over the years. Infinity Ward may well have outdone itself with Modern Warfare 2’s frighteningly photorealistic rendition of Amsterdam, however – just take a look at this:

Of course, it didn’t take long for a Netherlands native to head down to the exact same spot and film a real-world comparison – it’s startling how accurate the video game version is:

Activision will, of course, have sent its team over to the Dutch capital to gather plenty of reference materials, but it’s startling just how closely the company’s managed to recreate it in-game.

We love it when video games include real-world locations like this, but what are some of your favourites from over the years? While it’s aged horrifically, we still have a soft spot for The Getaway’s recreation of London – it was simply stunning for the time, and considering we’re from England, seeing so many iconic streets and landmarks replicated flawlessly was mind-blowing to us on PS2.

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