As we trundle towards Halloween, Fortnitemares returns to Fortnite once again. The evergreen free-to-play shooter is getting a suitably spooky event, and this time, it's all about becoming a wolf-like monster.

By stepping onto a special altar and performing an emote, you can turn into a wolf and obtain the Howler Claws. These provide you with a few new abilities, such as highlighting enemies within a radius, a powerful slash attack, and a double jump that deals damage on landing.

In addition, a new playlist will let you try Zero Build Horde Rush. It's similar to previous horde modes that have appeared before, only you'll be fending off monsters without the help of building, so you'll need to stay on your toes.

There are also Fortnitemares Quests to complete for special rewards, and there are obviously new cosmetics to unlock or purchase. The events lasts from now through to 1st November, with the Zero Build Horde Rush mode sticking around a little longer.

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