Samurai Maiden is an upcoming action RPG which knows exactly where it's coming from, leaning into the anime aesthetic in a new trailer. High school girls and demonic swordsmen will collide when this upbeat brawler launches on 8th December.

The gameplay in this "Girls Sword-fighting Action" game does, however, look rock solid and promises to transport you to an alternate-history version of Sengoku period Japan, one populated by undead samurai in need of slaying. While there are likely going to be moments in it that will make us want to check that we aren't being observed, there is nevertheless something appealing about this one, and it could work as a light-hearted palate cleanser after having finished up The Callisto Protocol.

What do you think of Samurai Maiden? Have you got a game plan for the summer onslaught of video games? Sharpen your blade in the comments section below.