Stray PS5 PS4

Back when PS Plus Extra title Stray launched a couple of months back, it immediately soared in popularity. There was a lot of warm sentiment about the feline-friendly title, and so convincing are its animations that real-world pets were reacting to it in heart-warming fashion. This sparked a brilliant social media trend, with pet owners sharing clips of their animals interacting with the game. Now, PlayStation wants in on the action as part of a donation to ASPCA.

Announced on PS Blog, the company has committed to a $25,000 donation to the charity, which is great in itself. However, Sony wants to extend the gift, inspired by the social craze surrounding Stray. Using the hashtag #StrayReactions on sites like Twitter and Instagram, you're encouraged to share a picture or video of your pets reacting to BlueTwelve's adventure. A selection of submissions will be included in a "digital photobook" to accompany the monetary donation.

It should be noted this is only open to US residents over 18, but it's a fun initiative that will result in lots more clips of cats, dogs, and other furry friends watching along to the game, so that's fine by us. Will you be sending in your best pet reactions? Let us know in the comments section below.