FIFA 23 Critical Commentary

Sick and tired of having FIFA's commentators crap on your style of play? Well, the series' newest instalment has your back. In FIFA 23, you can actually disable what the game calls "Critical Commentary". This makes it so commentators don't have a go at you when you misplace an obvious pass or pull your shot way over the bar at point blank range.

We assume that this option has been implemented purely for the sake of making FIFA a more positive experience. Let's face it: the last thing you want to hear, when the CPU scores an unstoppable wondergoal to win the Champions League in extra time, is Stewart Robson saying that your defending isn't good enough.

FIFA 23 Commentary Options

This setting may need some tweaking, however. Eurogamer writes that turning off Critical Commentary in Ultimate Team didn't actually do anything. Robson, in all of his infinite wisdom of the game, still lashed out after a bad finish. Something for EA Sports to work on, then?

Would you be tempted disable Critical Commentary while playing FIFA 23? Or do you just mute the commentary anyway? Miss an open goal in the comments section below.