RGG Summit 2022

RGG Studio, the developer behind the Yakuza and Judgment franchises, has announced a digital event that will take place next week, on Wednesday the 14th September. Given that the studio's Western social media accounts relayed this information, it's fair to assume that the so-called RGG Summit 2022 will be aimed at a global audience ā€” similar to the reveal event for Lost Judgment.

RGG Summit begins at 7PM Japan time, which translates to 11AM here in the UK, and 3AM Pacific / 6AM Eastern US times. Not particularly accommodating for those of you in America, eh?

So what are we expecting from this show? Well, the obvious answer is Yakuza: Like a Dragon 2, which we know is in development and will likely launch next year. A reveal trailer for that title seems like a very safe bet.

Anything else? Hmmm, it's hard to say. RGG Studio has always been into its ports, remakes, and remasters, but we wouldn't go into this expecting much beyond the aforementioned Like a Dragon 2 reveal. Still, this is a "summit", so additional announcements aren't completely out of the question.

What are you hoping to see at RGG Summit 2022? Perm your hair in the comments section below.

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