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WW1 FPS Isonzo only launched a couple of days ago, but developer Blackmill Games has already charted a course for the title's future content, which includes both free and paid expansions, quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

The first free expansion is called Caporetto, and will introduce new maps, challenges, a prestige system, and a new faction (The German Empire), in addition to a paid cosmetic pack for the German forces. Next is White War, which will again include new maps and a special game mode for free, and offer the Below Zero paid cosmetic pack. Solstice continues this trend, introducing new weapons and maps for free, and adding additional uniforms as paid DLC.

Isonzo focuses on the Italian Front of WW1, a series of engagements fought primarily between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austria-Hungarian Empire from 1915-1918. We thought the game itself was solid, but not very flashy, which should hopefully provide a framework for a meaningful multiplayer experience.

Did you pick up Isonzo? Are you looking forward to the upcoming roadmap of content coming to the title? Listen for the sound of the whistle, and prepare to go over the top in the comments section below.

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