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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is, like other Soulslike games, heavily influenced by the design philosophy and game mechanics of FromSoftware's Dark Souls series of action RPGs. And like From's games, Wo Long will not feature difficulty modes, just a single baseline experience that must be overcome through patience and perseverance.

In an interview with MP1st, producer Masaaki Yamagiwa elaborates, stating that the team thinks "it’s ‘good’ to have one set difficulty so that everyone has the same experience of overcoming a really intense obstacle and they all have that feeling of achievement". He goes on to explain that players will have the freedom to overcome tough encounters by utilising the morale system to even the odds, and by raising the level of their character, as is the case in a traditional RPG.

In addition, as Wo Long features online multiplayer, Yamagiwa notes that players struggling "can get online with your friends, two other people so a total of three online and then take on bosses as a group." A solid multiplayer group can trivialise even the toughest bosses in the Souls series of games because, despite the complexity and mastery shown in From's boss encounters, they struggle to deal with coordinated players working in unison. We imagine this will be the case in Wo Long, too, although we are sure some enemies will prove more challenging still.

What do you think of Yamagiwa's comments, and of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's singular difficulty tuning? Prepare for battle in the comments section below.

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