Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is making its way to western shores for the first time after it was first released for Nintendo Wii all the way back in 2008. This is a remastered version for PS5 and PS4 that improves the visuals with better shadows and lighting, and the in-game movies and character models have been touched up too. Check out the announcement trailer above while you wait for the game to release early next year.

The remaster takes place a decade after five girls mysteriously disappeared at a festival on Rōgetsu Isle, an island in southern Japan," a press release reads. "While all of the girls were eventually rescued, their memories were lost, with only the faint remembrance of a single melody and a seemingly possessed masked woman dancing in the moonlight. Now, ten years later, with still no memory of the events surrounding their disappearance, two of the five girls have died β€” discovered with covered faces and found in a tragic, crying pose."

Other bonuses packaged into this new version include a Photo Mode and new and altered costumes. The original Japanese version released on Nintendo Wii was received quite well critically, so let's hope it's better than Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Are you going to take more pictures of ghosts next year? Get your skills up to snuff in the comments below.