Saints Row GTA EU Charts

We don't usually cover the monthly European software charts here on Push Square — often because there's, well, not really much to write about — but August's results have created quite the headline story. The new Saints Row, which released on the 23rd of the month, was beaten to the top spot by none other than Grand Theft Auto V. You couldn't make it up.

Saints Row as a series has always been compared to Rockstar's juggernaut franchise. It's never had the same kind of success, but after a few instalments, Saints Row had established itself as a comical, sometimes absurd take on the kind of open world formula Gran Theft Auto helped popularise.

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The fact that the all-new Saints Row was beaten to the punch by a 'rival' title that's now almost a decade old is quite eye-opening. Obviously we all know how insane GTA 5's commercial pull is — it's very much in a league of its own — but still, could Europe not just cool it on buying GTA 5 for a single month?

But hey, at least Saints Row topped FIFA 22 — and we all know how popular football is on the continent!