Warframe's Veilbreaker update is now live, on PS5 and PS4, which introduces an all-new questline, items, and gameplay adjustments. Completion of the Veilbreaker questline will allow players access to the new Syndicate Kahl's Garrison, and 'Break Narmer' Garrison Assignments, once they go live next week.

Veilbreaker sees the return of a fan-favourite character following the events of The New War story arc, and has players playing from the perspective of the Grineer Lancer, Kahl-175. Lead his crusade to rescue his captured battle-brothers and become the saviour of the Origin System.

Players that login before 21st September will gain access to Styanax, the 50th Warframe so far, a powerful mythic warrior who wields a spear and shield. You can even go whole-hog and purchase the premium Styanax collection, which gives you access to additional skins, decorations, and unique helmets.

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