Wanted: Dead is a gory action game from developer Soleil that looks awesome, is violent as heck, and we love what we have seen so far. It's coming to PS5 and PS4 on 14th February, 2023, and is the perfect Valentine's Day game to share with that special someone in your life!

The combat looks fast and impactful, and we especially love the katana/pistol combo animations, which just look sick. That, combined with the choice of a sax-heavy theme song, the inclusion of what looks like a ramen-eating minigame, and overly melodramatic characters, reminds us of the glory days of Metal Gear (at least in tone), which can't be a bad thing. This looks like one to watch, mark our words.

What do you think of Wanted: Dead? Was that literally Tom Cruise, at the 1:00 mark? Slice cyber-ninjas in half in the comments section below.

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