Skull and Bones PS5

Ubisoft has announced it's joining the likes of Sony and 2K in increasing the prices of its games to $70 on PS5. This will begin with November release Skull and Bones and applies to the publisher's "big AAA games". The French company has demonstrated it'll show some restraint, however, as Assassin's Creed Mirage will sell for $50 at launch next year.

The comment comes from an interview with Axios, which confirms the publisher will ask for more money in exchange for its biggest titles just like Activision, EA, and others. Sony has been criticised in recent times for the price hike, particularly when it also applies to PS5 remake The Last of Us: Part I. It's likely Ubisoft will now face a similar sort of scrutiny, but with upcoming game Assassin's Creed Codename Hexe billed as a smaller entry alongside Mirage, it's possible not every instalment in the publisher's flagship franchise will demand the most amount of cash.

Ubisoft argues it's only matching "the same price as the competition". Are you happy to pay $70 for Ubisoft's games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.