Here's an announcement we weren't expecting today. EA has just announced The Sims 4, the hugely popular life sim, will become free-to-play in the near future.

Posting on its social channels earlier today, the publisher confirmed the base game will be free across all platforms starting 18th October 2022:

Of course, the game's myriad post-launch content packs won't be free, so you'll still need to cough up if you want those, but the basic Sims 4 experience won't cost you anything moving forward. Developer Maxis says it'll continue to support the title with even more DLC in future, so the long-lived game isn't done yet. More details will come during a special stream, also airing on 18th October.

Are you excited for The Sims 4 to go free-to-play? Disable free will in the comments section below.

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