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The Callisto Protocol team Striking Distance Studios has been queried on its plans for post-launch support and the possibility of DLC, with the developer responding that it's planning four years' worth. That's a lot for a single player only game — only titles like Dying Light have achieved such a feat — but the team's reply to any expansions is causing some confusion. It's given the impression its DLC plans are still up in the air with the game three months out. However, it's already selling a season pass.

The comment comes via an interview conducted by True Trophies at Gamescom. CTO Mark James said the following: "We’ve left the world expandable. We’ve created a world that can tell different stories, and so we can either tell those stories either through DLC, or we could actually tell those stories through subsequent products. We’ve left those open."

A perfectly normal comment to make, but expectations change when you're already selling a season pass via pre-orders. On the PS Store, a Digital Deluxe Edition bundles in a season pass for £74.99/$89.99. There are a few bonus packs too, but these are also part of the standard Day One Edition priced at £54.99/$69.99 on PS5. Therefore, the season pass holds a value of £20/$20.


The PS Store listing doesn't detail what you'll get as part of the season pass, but with the game now just three months away, you'd like to think these plans are at least solidified internally. This doesn't appear to be the case at the time of writing. True Trophies suggests some fun DLC ideas during the interview, but never is a concrete answer on what's to be offered shared.

James adds: "We like to think of this as a franchise — every developer when they [make a new] IP, they like to think of it as a franchise investment. It’s really expensive to generate a new IP, so we always want to try and get the most out of it."

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