Outer Wilds PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Outer Wilds, the award-winning sci-fi exploration game from developer Mobius Digital, is now available on PS5. You can enjoy this mind-bending adventure and its excellent Echoes of the Eye DLC, at 60fps, with 4K support. PS4 owners can upgrade for free, and you can even upgrade if you get the game through PS Plus Extra (confirmed in the replies), which is pretty awesome.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive announced the news on Twitter:

Not to be confused with The Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds is a fantastic experience that, like Journey, really should be experienced by everyone, as it plays with concepts and mechanics that are easy to grasp, but mind-blowing to behold.

Did you play Outer Wilds? Will you try it on PS5? Blast off in the comments section below.

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