Jeez, Capcom is pulling out all of the stops with Street Fighter 6 at Tokyo Game Show this week. On top of confirming an impressive closed beta that's happening next month, the publisher has pumped out loads of new information on its highly anticipated title.

The trailer above has all you need to know, but we'll quickly break things down here in the article. For starters, we've got four returning characters confirmed for the game's starting roster. Ken, E. Honda, Blanka, and Dhalsim are all back, and they're looking great. It's also worth noting that Ken no longer has banana hair. Hurrah!

Then there's the World Tour mode. This trailer gives us our best look yet at Street Fighter 6's dedicated single-player campaign, in which you create your own character before exploring a nostalgia-pumped sandbox, learning new moves and upgrading your abilities. It all seems appetisingly in-depth.

This thing's packed with new gameplay footage as well, and boy does it look good. Capcom's on a real roll with Street Fighter 6, and at this point we can see the aforementioned beta absolutely exploding.

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