If there's one thing most Sonic fans will agree on, it's that the series features consistently good music. Whether that's 16-bit earworms like Chemical Plant Zone or the Japanese butt-rock found in later titles, there's plenty to like about the audio landscape of SEGA's most enduring franchise. It seems Sonic Frontiers won't shy away from this either; the ending theme for the game has been revealed, and it sure does sound like it belongs in a Sonic game.

The track Vandalize by Japanese band One Ok Rock will be the closer for the hedgehog's open zone adventure. You can listen to the official sample of the song above, bringing big mid-2000s energy.

We recently went hands on with the game and came away with (mostly) positive things to say. Sonic Frontiers is speeding towards its 8th November launch date — will you be playing day one? What do you think of this track? Put it on repeat in the comments section below.

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