Following the release of Journey, thatgamecompany would move on to a brand new project named Sky: Children of the Light. Doubling down on positive social interactions with anonymous players, the game has been available on mobile platforms for years, with a Nintendo Switch port arriving in 2021. Now, the studio has finally confirmed Sky will make its way to PlayStation platforms in December of this year.

We already knew the game was on the way, but it's nice to have a rough idea of when. Sky will feature cross-play support with other platforms, so you won't be short of others to fly around with.

In case you're unaware, the game is a free-to-play, online, open world adventure that leans heavily on social elements. It's all about exploring a stylised environment and interacting with others in friendly ways, all while swooping about through the air listening to lovely music. Sounds good to us.

It's not been made totally clear if it's coming to PS5, PS4, or both, but it's exciting nonetheless. Are you looking forward to checking out Sky: Children of the Light? Hold hands in the comments section below.

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