Void Terrarium, available on both PS5 and PS4, is an intriguing mix of bleak post-apocalyptic scenery, rogue-like dungeon crawling, and a sort-of virtual pet — only it's the last remaining human instead. Published by NIS America, the game is getting a direct sequel, and it appears to be sticking to the formula for the second outing.

You play as a small robot who must look after Toriko, the sole survivor of a global disaster that has left the air filled with toxins. When she falls ill to a mysterious new disease, you'll need to travel back in time to work out how to cure it. This will manifest itself in procedurally generated dungeon runs, in which you'll gradually grow stronger as you scoop up resources. On your return, you'll need to take care of Toriko and her special habitat to ensure her survival.

The sequel is due out for PS4 sometime next year. Are you interested in Void Terrarium 2? Tell us in the comments section below.