DIRT Rally 2.0 PS4

We're still due one more officially licensed rally game from KT Racing, namely WRC Generations, arriving mid-October. The last couple of rally sims from the studio have been really rather good despite a few rough edges, and we're excited to see how this new one shakes out. However, the WRC licence moves to Codemasters starting in 2023, and a new report teases an exciting feature in next year's title.

According to Insider Gaming, sources "with knowledge of WRC 23" have provided some interesting details. There will apparently be 16 vehicle classes, from the latest WRC cars to historic vehicles. However, rally fans may be interested to hear about an in-depth vehicle customisation feature that will apparently be included in the game.

If true, this system will effectively let you build a car to your liking, selecting the drivetrain and then purchasing the exact parts you want. Suspension, gearbox, radiator, brakes, and basically everything you can think of will apparently be customisable. This will also go for exterior customisation, with players able to fit their choice of bumpers, wheels, bonnet pins, and more. The result will be a vehicle you've created from scratch, which would be pretty neat.

As for how the game will play, it's expected that the DIRT Rally team is behind it, so you can practically guarantee a brilliant-feeling rally sim. This will be Codies' first officially licensed rally game in nearly two decades, so we're very curious to find out what it's truly like. For now, the above details aren't confirmed, and as mentioned, we have WRC Generations to get to first, but rally fans are being well catered for either way.

Are you excited about next year's WRC game from Codemasters? Would you be interested in building your own rally car? Don't cut in the comments section below.

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