PS5 Trophies Reveal All 1
Image: Push Square

Sony never reveals every single change when it introduces new console firmware, and the same is true of PS5's big new update. You can find out about the broader changes added in this system software update here, but one little quality-of-life change hasn't been mentioned anywhere.

As spotted by YouTuber Mystic, a small but useful tweak has been made to PS5's Trophy lists. Previously, if you wanted to view the details of hidden Trophies, you'd have to scroll through and choose to reveal them one by one. With the new firmware installed, you can choose a game's Trophy list and toggle Reveal All to have all the hidden Trophies exposed at once.

It's easy to do: from the Trophies screen, highlight a game with hidden Trophies you want to see. Press Options, then hit X to toggle Reveal All on or off. You can do this per game, and the hidden Trophies will stay un-hidden until you toggle the feature off again.

Again, it's not some huge revelation, but it's a nice change for those who like working towards Trophies, or browsing them at the very least.